2017 Audi Price Car Release Date

http://pricecarreleasedate.comWelcome to trusted website for many upcoming price car release date information websites. We have plenty of information for any car lover out there. And today, we will tell you about the upcoming car from Audi brands in 2017. Audi is famous brands for a sports car and SUV model car, But the sports car from Audi is more famous and loved than the SUV ones. Audi becomes really popular because of their rather casual design on a sports car, not really luxurious, but still, keep his sporty touch, that’s why many people love the Audi design, especially for young people. While it is loved because the design, doesn’t mean that the performance of specs is boring. The performance of Audi is rather stunning and considerably great performances on engines. Now we will tell you about the upcoming Audi RS1 that not yet released in the market.

Audi RS1 Specs, Price Car Release Date, And Performance

We will tell you about Audi RS1 price car release date, Audi planned to release this brand-new sports car in the next fall. That means it will be released in October or September. Audi stated that they are already posted producing this car, and they are ready to put this car on the market on the next fall. And for the price, you will need to prepare at least 30.000 pounds for the standard specs Audi RS1 and 40.000 pounds for the best specs of Audi RS1. Is this price being reasonable, and is it worth it? Well, just see on the Audi RS1 performances and leakage of specifications.

Audi stated that this brand new RS1 will have 280 horsepower engines. This horsepower will come from Audi turbocharged cylinder unit. The transmission of this car will be dual-clutch automatic transmission gearbox. The drive system will be same as the previous versions, the four-wheel system. This car itself will provide acceleration from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 6 seconds. That’s it the review of upcoming new Audi RS1, the price car release date, specs, and performances.

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