3 Best Jewelry Box Plans Ideas

Hello, friends! Have you been crazy about collecting the jewelry recently? Or have you been collecting it for a long time? Well, both are good! No, we are not going to talk about how much jewelry you have or where did you get them from. We’re going to share the jewelry box plans instead. I know the fancy jewelry boxes out there can be pretty pricey. However, you don’t stop there. make your own jewelry box in your home that still as fancy as the ones in the shops! Are you excited? Let’s get this started!

3 Fancy And Functional Jewelry Box Ideas

Jewelry is the type of things that easily can get lost even when we have stored them carefully. To help you keep them in one place, we are trying to give you the jewelry box plans to guide your way before making one in your home. So, here it is.

  • Simple jewelry box

Simple doesn’t mean plain and boring. This simple jewelry box is designed without the sophisticated decoration such as drawers, the dancing ballerina, or a transparent glass. However, the simple jewelry box still brings out its beauty. Your accessories will stay neat, adorable, and Instagram-able.

  • Patterned jewelry box

If you are a fan of anything with a pattern in it, this goes perfectly for you. You can make a DIY jewelry box out of cardboard and cover it with patterned paper-wrap. You can use your favorite pattern for example tribal, polka dot, stripes, floral, and so on.

  • Leather jewelry box

Besides cardboard and wooden materials that used for a jewelry box, leather material is also people’s favorite. If you want to get one, I recommend you choose the soothing color.

Those are the jewelry box ideas for those who have been thinking about getting one.  Which one of the tree above that goes perfectly with your style? Simplyfutbol.com provides you more ideas, see you there!

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