3 Steps To Get Points As Kroger Participant

Do you like joining in the certain survey and shopping at stores and supermarkets? You can join in Krogerfeedback. What is it? It is an online survey to measure the quality of supermarkets and stores in the whole US based on customer’s experiences. This kind of survey is provided by Kroger, so that is why the name is Kroger feedback survey. Besides, you will not only to be asked to fill and answer some question. However, you will also get a big chance to get a prize for each survey that has been submitted. So, what should be done to participate in Kroger survey?

Join As Participant

For the first thing to do, you have to join in Krogerfeedback as a participant. Actually, it is so easy to be a participant. Still, there are some requirements that must be followed which are:

  • Minimum 18 years old of American Citizens
  • Lives in States (Except New York, Rhode Island, and Florida)
  • Not an Employee or Relate to Kroger Company

If you are qualified, so you can start to get your ID and tell your opinion and rates toward each supermarket and stores.

Rate The Quality, Add The Comment, And Share Your Recommendation

If you already got an ID, so you can start your satisfaction rate. For the first, you will be asked to rate each point that will be shown on your screen. There will be about the quality of products, transactions, employee, and other essential aspects. Then, you can also insert your thought about the supermarkets or stores in the comment box. If you like that store, so you can recommend it to your relatives.

Collect Your Points

To finish your Krogerfeedback survey, you can deliver your Loyalty or ID cards to get the fuel points. The more you fill the survey, the more fuel points that can be gotten.

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