3 Ways to Thaw Frozen Milkfish

Frozen fish might be the best choice for some people. With longer time to store, the frozen fish will help people to save more food for a longer time. However, there is one problem of frozen fish as disadvantageous. One of the types of frozen fish is the frozen milkfish which is cheap, easy-to-find, and high nutrients. Although you buy it from frozen milkfish suppliers, you still have to thaw it. Actually, there are some ways to thaw the frozen milkfish.

8 Hours Of Thawing Frozen Milkfish

For the basic and the most known way to thaw milkfish is leaving it for eight hours. Actually, you need to thaw it overnight. However, you can still take it only for eight hours. Just keep your refrigerator under 8 degrees of Celsius, then put the milkfish inside. Some people may recommend to cook it after thawing it for 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Thawing Frozen Milkfish With Cold Water

If you have limit time, so you can try to do half thawing method or a partial thawing method. Just tale the milkfish that you bought from frozen milkfish suppliers out from the packaging. Then, keep it in a zip-lock bag. Secure it well, then leave it under the running cold water. You can do it for one to two hours. This method is the fastest one with the purpose only to remove the ice crystal. If there is no ice crystal on the milkfish, so you can cook it already. It works only for cold water.

Thawing Frozen Milkfish in Microwave

Actually, it is not the recommended way to thaw the milkfish. It only can be done when you are in urgent. Just leave it for three to six minutes for each pound, so the milkfish is already thawed. For more tips, just visit https://www.indonesiamilkfishfactory.com.

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