The Advantages Of Business Intelligence Product

You can access products of PCC right after creating PointClickCare Login account. One of the product is Business Intelligence. BI is techniques and tools for transforming from raw data into useful and meaningful information for the purpose of business analysis. BI Technology can handle large amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop, and otherwise create new business strategy opportunities.

What Are The Advantages Of BI?

Here are after you had your PointClickCare Login account to the platform, you can obtain what the advantages.

First, increase the value of the organization’s data and information. Through the development of BI, all data and information can be integrated in such a way as to produce complete decision-making. Information that was not previously included as one of the decision-making can easily be done ‘connect and combine’ using BI. The data and information generated also become more accessible and easier to understand.

Second, facilitate monitoring of organizational performance. In measuring the performance of an organization, often used a measure called the Key Performance Indicator (KPI). KPIs are not always measured by units of money, but can also be based on the speed of execution of a service. BI can easily demonstrate the achievement of an organization’s KPIs easily, quickly, and appropriately. Thus, it will facilitate the parties involved in decision-making for anticipatory measures as needed.

Third, increase the value of existing information technology investment. BI does not always have to change or replace the system information that has been used previously. In contrast, BI only adds services to these systems so that existing data and information can produce comprehensive information and have better usability.

Fourth, creating employees with well-informed workers. In carrying out its daily work, all levels of an organization are always related and or require access to data and information. BI facilitates all levels of employees in accessing data and information needed to help make a decision.

That is what you can get if you can use PointClickCare Login account for the business system.

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