Antioxidant-Rich Fruits For Healthy Life

Health lifeNow that you have known about the advantage of antioxidant, you may start to search for fruits which are rich in this beneficial compound. As we know, antioxidant becomes a good property to battle the negative effect of free radical which is known as one of the problems that cause various serious diseases like cancer. In this case, some fruits which offer high antioxidant level can become a solution to battle the free radical. In some ways, fruit is a delicious solution to get antioxidant.

Fruits Rich In Antioxidant For Your Healthy Life

Have you seen wild blueberries? If you have not seen it before, you may think that this fruit is just a thing that is worth to being thrown away. Now, if you find this berry, you should make sure to take it since this berry is number one to offer a high level of antioxidant for our bodies. This fruit is beneficial to avoid some disease including high cholesterol, cancer, brain damage and heart disease. Following blueberries, there is strawberry which is also known as an antioxidant-rich fruit. This fruit is easy to find and it can become a great option for everyone. Similar with blueberry, it will protect us against bad cholesterol and heart disease.

Afterward, black plum is another fruit which is rich in antioxidant. Plum is also popular as a great source of phenols and vitamin C. By these properties, plum will be a very good fruit to prevent inflammation in our bodies’ tissue. It is also able to protect our bodies from cell weakening. Then, we should not forget about orange. In some ways, this fruit is the most common fruit that many people familiar with. It is able to improve the immune system and also avoid cold and infection in our ears. That’s some fruits which are rich in antioxidants.

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