Arabica Is Expensive But Vulnerable To Disease

We know that Arabica coffee has an excellent popularity and taste. If you are a coffee enthusiast and you are very happy with the taste of Arabica coffee then you start thinking to have your own Arabica coffee plantation so you can produce it in large quantities and can make you have a lot of profits, then you need to know the tricks and ways it’s really about how to plant Arabica coffee beans for good results and taste good. In addition, you should pay attention to where to plant it, you also need to know how to care for it to keep your coffee plant healthy. In addition, you also need to know what pests and diseases can be obtained from your Arabica coffee plant because Arabica coffee is very susceptible to disease.

Pests And Diseases Of Arabica Coffee

According to the above explanation, if Arabica type coffee plants are more sensitive to various disease attacks, both fruit diseases, leaves, and stems. Therefore, special care and maintenance may need to be noticed by you and the farmers. The most common disease of Arabica coffee is leaf rust disease. The characteristic that we can find in coffee plants is located on the leaves yellowing in leaf spots that generally have a brownish color. If this disease we do not do treatment with pesticides, then the length will widen even can attack the whole part of the coffee plant leaves. In addition, the leaves are affected by leaf rust disease there are tissues that have a yellowish color due to weathering chlorosis.

Not only in the leaves alone, even not infrequently many who attack the fruit, stems and young buds in coffee if the disease is not handled in particular. So, it is very important for you to know the disease that can affect your coffee plant. You can also find information about handling this plant disease by visiting

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