Ayu Islands; Your Next Papua Destination

When you visit West Papua, there will be many places to visit. Those places ready to impress you with their interesting points and their uniqueness. When you might already know about Raja Ampat archipelago, you also have to know that there is Ayu Islands in Papua that will also be ready to impress you with the great sceneries. You also can do many enjoyable activities in this place if you really want to spend your holiday in this place. Do you want to know more about the interesting points of this place? Please, read the following paragraphs for more information about it.

West Papua; The Beauty Of Ayu Islands

Ayu Islands is located in West Papua and for the administrative; this small archipelago belongs to this province. You can find many interesting sides of this island and you will be able to find the great experience in this place. When you want to explore Papua, Ayu islands, along with Raja Ampat are the places that you cannot forget. You also can throw away your tired feeling and all bad things that you get from your daily activities by spending your vacation to this place. Then, do you want to know more about this place? What can you do in this place?

For more information about this place, Ayu Islands are written as Ajoe Islands as it is following the spelling of Dutch in the old map of this region. As this place is also popular with the great beaches, you also can find many beautiful beaches in this place and do some activities on the beaches. As the water of Ayu Islands is still in good condition, the beaches there are very good to do scuba diving and also snorkeling. That is all the information for you about Ayu Islands. You can also visit the other places in West Papua when you come to this province.

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