Bathing And Breakfast With Elephant

If you are going to Bali island, then you might need to try out our amazing elephant tour package. Not only you are going to ride an elephant in safari ride, but you will also experience bathing and breakfast with elephants Bali. Well, breakfast and bathing with the giant but cute elephant is something new isn’t? And you can enjoy this amazing experience in our tour package. In our tour package, you will be offered with bathing with an elephant in cool water. Enjoy our cute elephant playfully spraying cool water at you, and then enjoy it as it dives into the cool lake with you on their back. After playing with water, and bathing with you, then you can enjoy lakeside buffet breakfast, complete with everything you want, egg, bacon, and etc. Well, if you want complete and amazing new experience in Bali island, then this is the best chance you can get. Express order and then book it online now, for your online ticketing.

What Will We Get For Bathing And Breakfast With Elephants Bali Tour?

Firstly, besides the bathing experience, you can enjoy elephant back ride for optional safari ride. Enjoy the mountainous scenery of Taro, Ubud Bali regency, as you dwell on the back of our cute elephants. Well, you can also enjoy all of our services here without any time limit, which means you can enjoy your safari ride, or bathing as much as you like without any time limit. Not only that, you will also be offered with accident insurance, and a complete ticket to all attractions and facilities in elephant park Bali, including elephant education tour and attractions. Who doesn’t want to experience bathing and breakfast with elephants Bali then?

Order our bathing elephant tour package now online, and be quick about it. Since our tour package is limited, it will have a limited amount of quotas every day, so be sure to quickly about it if you want to buy our tour package. Enjoy limited bathing and breakfast with elephants Bali now.

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