Bed Bugs Bites

Most people who are bitten by bed bugs often mistaken this as mosquito bites. However, the bites from these annoying bugs are more severe than mosquito bites. The symptoms are itchiness, sores, irritation, and burning sensation. This bug is small insects which feed on our blood. The bugs have not transferred any disease through their bites. The bug active mostly in the night and early morning. At least, one in five Americans deals with this bug infestation. Their bites are most occurring on exposed areas such as face, necks, shoulders, hands, legs, and arms. The bites form a zigzag pattern. They bite when we are sleeping.

Bed Bugs Bites Symptoms

If they bite you, you don’t feel the symptoms right away. However, there will be the dots and some minor symptoms such as irritation or inflammation. It takes several days to develop the real symptoms. And the symptoms will resolve after one or two weeks. Bed bugs bites will create symptoms such as inflammation and itchiness. But there are more common symptoms if the bites are severe such as small red bumps, zigzag pattern, burning sensation, painful, itchy bump, red bump, swollen bump, small spots of blood, and clear skins shed by the bugs. In some cases, the symptoms can become worse. Serious symptoms include blisters, difficulty breathing, flu, fever, irregular heartbeat, skin infection, sleep deprivation, and swollen tongue.

How to treat the bites? The most common tip to treat the bites is by cleaning the wound. People usually clean the wound with water and soap. If you experience minor symptoms such as itchiness, inflammation, or redness, you can apply anti-itch creams and over-the-counter hydrocortisone as well as take antihistamines. For your information, most bed bug bites will heal themselves after one or two weeks. For more information about these bugs, you can check

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