The Best Self-Treatment For Asthma

Asthma is a condition of your lung and another organ in your body. Unfortunately, asthma cannot be cured permanently. However, you can avoid the symptoms and reduce the triggers. Although asthma need medications as treatment, there is a way to avoid asthma. The simple thing that can be done will affect your asthma. So, what is a better treatment for asthma? You can reduce the triggers and try to have a better lifestyle as the best treatment for your asthma.

Reduce The Triggers Of Asthma

You need to take prevention for your asthma. For the first, you can use an air conditioner to avoid some airborne pollen. If you do not have an air conditioner, so you can keep your window closed. Second, you need to clean your bed sheets and all your stuff at home. You have to change and wash bed sheet, pillows, and blanket routinely so there will be no dust in your room. If you are in a damp climate, so you can use a dehumidifier. If you need to go out but it is cold, so you can cover your mouth and nose as well. People with asthma cannot hold dry and cold air, so face mask will help.

Try To Get Healthier Lifestyle

To avoid asthma and its symptoms, you need to try better lifestyle. You have to take regular exercise. Don’t take heavy sports. Just make sure that you get enough movement for your body. Then, you also need to maintain your weight. If you are overweight, so your asthma will get worse. On the other hand, you can also do breathing exercise that will help your symptoms under control. Moreover, you also need to take natural and herbal remedies. The best natural remedies that can be used are pycnogenol, black seed, caffeine, and also choline. Make sure that you watch what you eat.

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