The Best Treatment For People With A Cluster Headache

A headache becomes the most common problem in health. There are also various types of a headache which all of them are painful. One of the types of a headache which has been believed as the most painful is a cluster headache. Some people even described this headache as painful one since you will feel like there is a hot dagger which is poked in your eye to your brain. It is highly true since a cluster headache will give more intense pain on your eye which is only on one side of your head. It seems like a migraine, but actually, they are different. A cluster headache will come in patterns which is usually 6 to 12 weeks.

Get Natural Treatments To Calm Your Cluster Headaches

If you get a cluster, so it must be the worst one. However, there are some treatments which can help you to reduce your cluster problem. The best treatments for your cluster headache are:

  • Get More Supplements

Besides taking medicine for the cluster, you also need to take some supplements. You can try to get the natural supplements which are good for your health and your cluster. For the first recommendation, you can take any kind of foods which contain vitamin B2 and magnesium. For vitamin B2, it will take a role as antioxidants for your body, boost your energy level, and also maintain better blood cells. Then, you can also add magnesium to your supplement. You can find it from avocado, black beans, almonds, yogurt, and many more.


  • Control Your Lifestyle

Your cluster will be better if you can change your bad lifestyle. You need to have enough exercise, so your blood circulation will be flowing better. Then, don’t forget to get enough sleep every day. If you did not have consistent sleeping time, so your cluster will be triggered.

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