How to Build Your Own Black Skirt Tetra Tank

Black Skirt TetraBlack skirt tetra has commonly kept a pet in an aquarium. This small schooling fish is widely known for its unique body shape and beautiful color. Also known as Gymnocorymbus ternetzi in the scientific field, this fish is suitable to be kept as pets and decorate your house. As a schooling fish, you should keep at least five or more individuals in a single tank, so the size of the aquarium should provide enough space to keep the group of this fish. The size of the aquarium depends on how many fish you are going to keep and how the concept of the tank.

Setting Up a New Black Skirt Tetra

To get started with your own black skirt tetra tank, you should prepare the material first. A good fish tank is usually made of glass with at least 5.0 mm of thickness. Making the box-shaped fish tank is the easiest one. You have to prepare 5 pieces of the glass with the same size of the square. By using silicone glue, attach the glass to each other so they shape a box like glass tank. Let it sit for a day. After the silicone glue dried, you can check if there are any leaks in the tank or not, by filling it with water and see the water receding or not. If the water doesn’t recede, it means that the tank is ready to use.

For keeping black skirt tetra in a tank, you probably should provide aquatic ornaments or live plants into the tank to make it look more beautiful. Spread the gravel or substrate in the bottom of the fish tank. Usually, soft silica sand is a good option for layering the bottom of a fish tank since it can be easily found in the fish stores. You should also provide a good filtration system for the tank to keep it clean for a longer time and keep the fish healthy.

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