Car And Driver Reviews SUV; Nissan Juke

car and driver reviewsNissan Juke is one of the most popular SUV cars around the world. This car gets enough attention from the drivers in the column of car and driver reviews SUV. Many people agree that this car has a very impressive look and also performance. Of course, to know deeper about the specifications of this car and also the performance of this car, it would be better for you to get to know first about its specifications. So, read the following information about the specifications of Nissan Juke.

Car And Driver Reviews SUV On Nissan Juke

As already mentioned before, this car belongs to the favorite cars class and many people love it. For the specification, this car is supported with 188-hp and also 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder. For your information, this car has the support of front-wheel drive that will make you feel more comfortable to ride this car. Of course, these specifications will be a good combination for Nissan Juke to get the best performance of this car. For the result, many people are satisfied with the performance of this car by writing good comments on car and driver reviews SUV columns.

Besides the great engine that supports the performance of this car, this car is also supported with the great and strong look of an SUV car. Of course, it will make your car looks stronger and though if you decide to this car. About the pricing of this car, the MSRP of this car is started from $20,950 and you can prepare your budget when you think that you like this car. So, after you know more about the Nissan Juke that belongs to one of the most favorite SUV cars in the world, you might consider this car as your choice. That is all the information about car and driver reviews SUV for Nissan Juke for you.

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