Treating Dry Eyes

Eyes is the door to someone’s soul. But what happened to your eyes when it dry? You can check in the mirror and see your own eyes if they are swollen and dull-looking? There are many causes for your dry and dull eyes. It can be from a too much salty meal or you cry […]

Beware! These Acts Lead You to Diabetes!

It is good to increase the awareness of what people should eat for their body. Wrong foods will lead to many diseases and one of the diseases that is popular because of people’s faulty in choosing food is diabetes. Diabetes is the diseases where the blood sugar is increasing so high. This means people need […]

Top 5 Recommended Healthy Foods to Consume

There is no doubt that a healthy and fresh body is what people want to achieve in their every day’s life. However, to achieve that kind of goal, people need to do regular workout/ sports activities that lead to healthy body and fresh mind. Not only that, people with the goal of a healthy lifestyle […]

Shower with Milk?

Do you ever hear about the milk is very good for your skin? Yeah, it is true that milk is very good for skin. However, some people do not know how to use the milk on their skin and end up using it as the replacement of water while they are taking a bath or […]

Take Care Your Fever

If you have fever; you should not worry. There are several ways you can do to take care of it. If it happens to you; then, you live alone. You can still take care of the fever well if you want to follow the ways. It is simple and the ways are better than using […]

Choose To Get Health Care Insurance

If you want to be always healthy, you must do many things to make yourself is healthy. In the ways making you are healthy, the key is by making some prevention that allows you to stay away from the disease, bacteria, or anything that can infect you and change you to be unhealthy. Also, you […]

How to Balance Blood Pressure Level

Hypertension is a condition when your blood pressure on a high level. This condition triggers some health problems like stroke and heart attack. That is why high blood pressure or hypertension becomes the concern in health. Actually, the blood pressure level will increase along with growing age. However, some of the people in young age […]