What Cause Earthquake Naturally?

what causes earthquakesWhat cause earthquake around the world? Earthquakes are generally caused by natural events such as volcanic eruption and tectonic plates shifts. Tectonic plate shifts are the most common cause of deadly earthquakes around the world. The shifts can cause a tremendous amount of friction and it can shake the upper ground. If the shaking is strong enough, the buildings above the ground can crumble and can cause many casualties. The other cause of an earthquake is the movement of tectonic mantles. The movement can also create friction. If the friction is big enough, it can cause a tremendous amount of destruction. Therefore, it is very important to educate people about the danger of natural disasters.

What Cause Earthquake?

What Cause Earthquake? People might ask that question. Tectonic plates are the most frequent natural events that cause the earthquakes around the world. Asian countries have many volcanos. They are also often hit by tectonic earthquakes. Modern countries such as Japan and the United States often educate and teach their people about the destructive power of natural disasters. Thus, people will be able to do the right thing in the case of natural disaster. It can increase their survivability and reduce the damage of the disaster. People also must be careful about the disasters that can occur after earthquakes. Tectonic earthquakes can trigger other dangerous disasters such as sinkholes, landslides, tsunami and even volcanic eruptions.

Therefore, people must be trained and educated so they can survive natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, tectonic earthquakes, and tsunami. The government and scientist have the technology to predict natural disasters. However, the technology is inaccurate sometimes. Thus, you have to be very cautious about natural disasters especially earthquakes. You can also ask experts to get more information and details about what cause earthquake and other dangerous natural disasters.

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