How to Control High Uric Acid

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Having a high level of uric acid is actually a problem for our body. For those who don’t know about uric acid, it is actually a chemical that we can found in our blood which is produced when purine, a substance in our body, gets broken. When our body happens to have high of a level of this uric acid, it is possible that we will get hyperuricemia. It can also lead to some other problems including kidney stone. So, what can we do to avoid this worse problem to happen?

Control High Uric Acid with These Home Remedies

An expert in this field happens to suggest some home remedies that can be used to control the high level of uric acid in our body. The first home remedy to use is apple cider vinegar. To make use of the apple cider vinegar, we can simply blend one teaspoon of ACV, the organic one to a glass of clear water. Drink this remedy each day as a natural cleanser for your body. It will help your body to remove excess uric acid that is not used in your body. In this case, you can also have an apple which has malic acid to help you remove a high level of uric acid in your body.

In addition, you can also use lime juice as another remedy to control your uric acid. It is an expert who said that you are better to drink minimally two glass of lime water in a day if you want to flush out any excessive uric acid in your body. This drink will offer you the benefit of citric acid which in this case able to dissolve the uric acid naturally. Foods which offers a high amount of vitamin C such as guava, orange and alma can be a good use for controlling high uric acid as well.

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