How To Eat Canned Sardines Indonesia

Although Indonesia is one of the places which has sardines’ population, the number of people that eat canned sardines Indonesia is still low. Indonesian still prefer other fishes to consume such as tuna, Asian carp, catfish, etc. in fact, sardines have more nutrients that Asian carp and catfish. The amount of the benefits in sardines are the same like tuna. Moreover, sardine price is cheaper than tuna. You can eat canned sardines that available in many groceries and food stores. Below are our tips on how to eat canned sardines in Indonesia.

Tips To Eat Canned Sardines Indonesia

The first method to eat canned sardines Indonesia is by eating them straight out of the can. You just grab a fork and eat them as a healthy snack that packed with protein. If you want more flavor, you can add hot sauce, lemon juice, or maybe some balsamic vinaigrette. Eating canned sardine with this method is really recommended if you are going backpack. This food is your emergency kits. If you want to eat more healthily, you can add a salad on the top of your canned sardine. You can also mix both of the ingredients in your favorite salad. Add lettuce, olives, oranges, and hardboiled eggs and voila! You get a fancy salad with cheap ingredients.

Since Indonesia people can’t live without rice, you can eat them with rice. Nope, just kidding! Rather than rice, it’s better to serve the canned sardine with toast. The combination of crunchy, crispy bread with the signature salty flavor from sardine meat is the perfect combination for a meal. You can also spread mayonnaise if you want. The fourth method is to eat canned sardine with crackers. For Indonesia people, they may find it weird. But there are many people abroad that serve crackers and top them with this fish. You can also add sauce or mayonnaise if you want it as a snack. That’s 4 methods to eat canned sardines Indonesia.

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