Food To Not Be Consumed Together

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Have you ever realized that some foods are actually not good to be consumed together? Actually, there are some foods that are not recommended to be eaten together. Even though the foods can be very useful for our body when we eat it by itself, there is a possibility that it becomes a bad thing for our digestion system. Do you want to know what kind of food that is better to not be consumed with another food for the sake of our body? Let’s check this out!

Food To Not Be Consumed Together For Your Health

First of all, you must not consume tea and coffee especially after having a meal. Tea and coffee are known to be able to prevent your body to absorb the foods you have eaten by disturbing our stomach. If you do not want your useful foods to be digested badly, you must not drink coffee or tea after your meal. Second, it is also found that eating sour food with a carb is not a good one to do. You should not eat a tomato, lemon with any food which is made of flour that usually contains alkaline. When you have a sour food together with alkaline food, it may disturb your digestion.

Afterward, it is also found that eating red meat with potato, rice and other foods which contain flour is not a good one for your digestive system. It is because both of the foods will be difficult to be digested together. Then, eating meat alongside with cheese is also said to be another one that is not good for our digestive system. It is because eating both of these foods together will increase the production of protein in our body which may cause excessive protein. The last but not least, we are not supposed to eat fatty food with protein as well.

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