Foods List For A Day With 2400 Kcal

Do you love your body with a flat tummy and active body? The too much fat body will not really active and they are mostly not healthy. Fat is also important for your health needs but it should be the good fat. The good fat comes from several sources. Then, why you should consume the bad fat? Here, I will give you the tips of foods with 2400 Kcal per day. There are healthy fat sources too.

The List Or Examples Of Foods For 2400 Kcal Needs Per Day

I will share the foods for a day from breakfast until dinner including the snacks. If you do not know what to eat for a day but you need to always keep your calories in 2400; you may see the list as follow. Maybe you may mix the ingredients for the day.

  1. Breakfast: oats with banana, almond butter, and flaxseeds.
  2. Lunch: Lentil soup and chicken with bread to dip.
  3. Dinner: Veggies, rice with salmon.
  4. Snacks: Avocado sandwiches and turkey sausages.

You will find the good fat from avocado and almond butter. You may find more recipes or menu for a day with the same calories if you want to be more creative. The snacks can be more varied as your needs. If you need to decrease the calories; you may leave the snacks or you can change the menu of the snacks. For example, by using more fruits with low calories in it.

So, do you know what do you want to eat today? You may follow the list above for today or you may add more menu and snacks in your menu. It is better to still eat more protein in the morning in your breakfast menu. Ok, those are all the tips and the list of a daily menu of 2400 Kcal for you. You may find more foods diary if you do not like the list above. Thus, that is all.

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