Four Primary Types Of Headaches

Types of headache info will help you to know more about a headache and how to deal with it. You know, a different type of a headache will need different treatment. So, that is one of the reasons why you need to have knowledge about the types of headaches now. Even though you are not a doctor but you will be able to help yourself if you get a headache someday. Ok, see the information below.

The Four Primary Types Of Headaches You Must Know And The Remedy

Maybe there are so many types of headaches in these days but I will only share the four a common and primary headache only. It is like the common knowledge that not many people know. That is why I am going to tell you the information here to get you more knowledge. Ok, are you ready with the note in your hands? Here are the types of a headache you must know:

  1. A tension headache: You will feel the symptoms like dull feeling and aching sensation on all over your head. There are also more symptoms such as sensitivity around your neck, scalp, and forehead and so on. It is one of a common headache for many people so far. You can get aspirin or ibuprofen to help you.
  2. Migraines: it is a half headache or a one-sided headache. You will need more quiet and dark place to rest if you get this.
  3. A cluster headache: you will feel the severe burning and piercing pain. You will feel like your eye or one-sided of your eye is hurt. You may get aspirin or you may see a doctor.
  4. An allergy and sinus headache: it is because of the allergy or sinus. The symptoms may be different but mostly in around your nose.

So, that is. You may try to have more information about a headache and the treatment here: You will get much new knowledge about a headache there.

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