Fresh Shrimp From Indonesia Shrimp Suppliers

In addition to having a delicious flavor, Shrimp also become one of the sources of nutrients that are very important for the body. Shrimp contains some important compounds that can help improve body health. Shrimp is widely cultivated because of the increasing number of people’s interest in shrimp. In Indonesia, one of these arthropods has many fans. No wonder, you can find many shrimp suppliers Indonesia. Although there are so many shrimp suppliers, you still have to choose shrimp that are still in fresh condition.

How To Choose Fresh Shrimp From Shrimp Suppliers Indonesia?

There are several ways you can choose fresh shrimp from shrimp suppliers Indonesia. The first way is to look at the shrimp head part. If the shrimp is still in a fresh state, then the head of the shrimp will not be easily separated from the body. The second way is vegan pay attention to the smell of the shrimp. Fresh shrimp certainly has a fresh fishy smell. Remember, the fishy smell will be different from the stench. If the shrimp is already a bad smell, then you should look for shrimp on other suppliers. You can find so many shrimp suppliers that sell in the form of fresh shrimp.

The third way is to pay attention to the shrimp skin. If the shrimp is still in a fresh condition, then the shrimp will have a hard skin and still looks fresh. In addition, you must make sure that the color of the skin is not yet read. The shrimp skin will turn red when it is cooked. The fourth way is to pay attention to the taste of the shrimp. Shrimp are still in fresh condition; it will produce a sweet taste when consumed. Those are some ways you can choose fresh shrimp from Indonesian shrimp suppliers. By knowing it, then you can choose fresh shrimp and of course, the nutritional content is still high. Prawns that are not fresh are often encountered by parasites. If you would like to know more information about shrimp suppliers, then you can visit

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