Are Gadgets Dangerous For Women?

Who said that? Yeah, well it is true but not totally true. You should know the story behind that statement well. Sometimes people do not know the real story and just believe it all. By the way, if you are a woman, do not worry. Do not hate your smartphone and laptop now. You can still use them as long as you know the information here. It may help you.

The Tips For Using Gadgets For Women

Gadgets are dangerous because of the radiation. If you use the gadgets too much; even though you are a man, you will still be exposed to the radiation. Maybe it is not as dangerous as women. Ok, maybe I cannot give you the clear reasons but you need to read the tips below:

  1. You should not use your laptop late at night. Especially, if you make the light of your room off. The radiation of the screen will endanger you so much. There are many cases of sleep disorder because of that.
  2. You should not use your smartphone with the brightest screen in the darkroom too. Especially, if you use it while you are laying your body or just look at the screen with one eye. There are many cases where the girls are lost their vision for a while because of that.
  3. The two of those things are not so shocking for some people. So, you should know what happens if you play your gadget too long at night in dark room. There are many cases where the women are diagnosed with cancer and some of them cannot pregnant forever.

Well, do you want those things to happen to you? You should be wise in using your gadget. Do not play it over even though there are so many interesting things in them rather than the real life. So, that is all. You may find out the reasons why those things above happen.

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