Greetings From Indonesia Freshwater Prawn

The export potential of shrimp commodities from Indonesia is very remarkable, especially in the United States market where the commodities from Indonesia that became the main ruler of market share. This makes shrimp business even more exciting, especially for freshwater prawn suppliers. This is due to Indonesia dominated the shrimp market share in the United States with a value of US$ 93.5 million or a market share of 22.7%. With that amount, Indonesia holds the record as the ruler of shrimp exports to the United States.

Indonesia Freshwater Prawn Supplier Dominate Us Market

Indonesia should be able to guard the momentum of export performance that has been good for export to increase throughout the year. Indonesia must also keep pests of disease that is being experienced by other shrimp producers in the world does not occur in Indonesia. The other main thing that needs to be maintained in maintaining the position of Indonesia, is to ensure that the quality of shrimp products from freshwater prawn suppliers are of the highest quality and meet health and safety standards. The increasing trend of United States demand for fish products is a business opportunity for national shrimp farmers and entrepreneurs. This figure has made Indonesia as one of the main exporters of fisheries and fishery products to the United States, especially shrimp products.

One of the keys to maintaining the value of shrimp is to maintain the quality of the cultivation of prawns by always paying attention to how to care for giant prawns and ponds correctly. Perform routine maintenance such as cleaning the pond, always check the condition of the water and regulate the shrimp population. Thus, the risk of crop failure can be reduced. And the result of the cultivation of giant prawns was quite satisfactory. Best quality shrimp can be obtained from credible suppliers, one of which is, which has experience as a supplier of shrimp for both local and international markets.

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