How to Eat Healthily

If you want to be healthy, you need to change the food that you eat. But, you don’t have to change drastically to eat healthier. It’s better to create small plans and change your foods a little bit at a time. As we know that small changes can affect so much in someone’s life. Below is one of the healthiest foods that need to be eaten if you want to be healthy. This food is cheap and easy to get. You don’t have to eat all of these foods at one time. But, you can start it little by little so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the sudden change in your daily foods. What are those foods?

Whole Grains as Healthy Foods

If you often drink coffee as your breakfast or the worst case is you skip breakfast, it’s better if you have a quick breakfast with whole grains. Instead of refined grains, it’s better to consume whole grains. The foods such as pasta, rice, or bread are better if those made from whole grains than refined grains. This type of grain is the healthiest grain. It also contains much nutrition. Whole grains are also high in protein and fiber. This grains can be found in whole grains oats, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and quinoa.

Compared with whole grains, refined grains are the type of grain which are processed more. Moreover, these grains don’t have the most important nutrition. Refined grains are low in protein, fiber, as well as other nutrients that need to be taken to human’s body. The foods that made of refined grains are white rice, plain pasta, and white bread. If you eat ½ cup of rice or pasta, it means you eat one serving of grains. This is also the same amount of one slice of bread. You need to eat at least 3 servings of whole grains.

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