All The Important Things You Should Know about Breast Cancer

breast cancer is the second of the world’s cause of cancer death in women. As a women, we should aware about this invasive cancer. breast cancer begins with the cells of the breast are out of control. These cells normally form as a tumor which is felt a lump. The tumor will be dangerous if it is invaded surrounding the tissues and spread to areas of the body. If the cancer is detected earlier and get the right treatment, the suffers will have high-level of cure rate.


Information of Breast Cancer

So, there are several important things about breast cancer including symptoms, risk factor, and diagnosis. The early symptoms are commonly a lump in the breast or armpit, the thickened in the breast area ans the color changing of the skin and the nipples. Other symptoms may include a pain in the breast or the armpit, redness of the breast skin, a rash on one or both the nipples, a sunken nipple, flaking of the skin on the breast or the nipples. In addition, there are many risk factors of breast cancer including age, genetic, dense breast tissue, a history of breast lump, alcohol consumption, radiation, exposure. And, if you have any symptoms and risk factors you should meet your doctor to check them.


Moreover, if your doctor says that you approach to have breast cancer symptoms, you doctor will do several diagnosis tests. First, breast exam is used for checking your lumps and other signs. Next, imaging tests include mammogram test an ultrasound scan, and an MRI scan for further action. The last, biopsy test is to know whether the lumps are cancerous or not. In fact, if your breast has cancerous lumps, you should take professional medical treatments like radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, etc and it depends on your condition.

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