Indonesia Frozen Skipjack Loin

What do you think about Indonesia? Some might say that it is a country where the citizen is friendly. Some might say that it reminds them of Bali. And others say that they don’t even know Indonesia. However, Indonesia is one of the countries that have the best-frozen skipjack loin. But some people may doubt that. Especially if they know that Indonesia is a third-world country. They might think that Indonesia product is in low quality. They might think that the product would be lacking if they compare it with another product from a great country. But it completely untrue.

Frozen Skipjack Loin From Indonesia Is The Best, But Why?

There are some reasons that might convince you to buy Frozen Skipjack Loin from Indonesia. The first reason is a fresh ingredient. This is the first factor why Indonesian sea products are the best. Because they have the best ingredients! Indonesia is a country that has clear sea area. Indonesian fishermen are able to get the fresh skipjack tuna in good condition. They use this fish to make skipjack loin whether it is for a canned product, frozen, or a fresh one. The fishermen are local people too. And the fact that they can catch skipjack tuna regularly, makes Indonesia as one of the largest sea products producer. The fishermen caught the fish right from the sea. And then, they use the fish to make the skipjack loin. After that, they send it to the factory still in fresh condition.

The last factor is from the fishermen themselves. They are very professional fishermen. Even though they don’t use high tech method or fishing equipment to catch the skipjack tuna, but they are able to catch them in fresh condition. They already do their job for so many years. And the traditional fishing method is also one of the reasons why they can catch skipjack tuna and make it into frozen skipjack loin.

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