Installing HP Printer Driver

Some people still have no idea about installing a new version of drivers. And when you have outdated HP printer driver, you need to install the new version of the printer driver. This will make your printing experience become better. Moreover, installing recent driver may help to fix bugs on your PC. If you belong to those people who don’t know how to install the printer driver, you need to read this post. Make sure you download the right driver for your printer. Therefore, you need to check the serial number of your printer’s model. And, the network should be the same network when you are about to install the new driver printer. It’s confusing, right? So, check the tips below.

How To Get Install for HP printer driver?

The steps to install for HP printer driver are easy. First, turn your PC on. But your PC should be connected to a network. Then, click ‘Start’ button and type ‘Connection Type’. After that, you will see “Wireless, Network, through the Network” then click it. The wording may be different in some PCs. There are some cases when your PC will give you a notification to install the new driver for your printer. And there are some that install the driver automatically once the PC and printer are connected to the network. Click’ Install’ and follow the instructions to begin the installation process.

Since your PC and printer is connected to the network, they will install it automatically. There are some cases where the driver can’t detect the printer even though it is connected to a network. You need to click ‘Advanced Search’ on the Control Panel and then you need to use the IP address to find detect the printer. You can check on the ‘Network Configuration’ page to find the IP address. If you can’t find it, you can go to for further information regarding HP printer driver.

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