iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s Comparison

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iphone se vs iphone 5siPhone SE vs iPhone 5s becomes hot topics for iPhone lovers who are confused to choose. For you who are confused about the best choice between iPhone SE and also iPhone 5s, comparing the specification of the products will be a good decision for you. You can start to compare the specifications and also the physical appearance if you think that this is important to be compared. You have to make sure that you know the difference after comparing both of the iPhone series. So, if you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs for more information.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s Specifications

When you want to compare two different products, comparing the specifications will be the right decision. You can compare the specifications of both of the products and conclude which one is better. In the case of iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s, you also can compare the specification, even though both of the products are good all the way. Actually, when you try to compare the weight, iPhone 5s is only slightly lighter than iPhone SE, since the weight of iPhone 5s is 3.95 ounces while iPhone SE is 3.99 ounces. Meanwhile, there is also no difference in the resolution and also display size.

Meanwhile, for the capacity, iPhone SE is only available to choose between 16 GB and also 64 GB. For the iPhone 5s, you can choose between 16, 32 and also 64GB. The chipset of both iPhone SE and iPhone 5s are also different from one and another. For the capacity of the camera, the primary camera of iPhone SE which is 12 MP is bigger than iPhone 5s which is only 8 MP. In the term of connectivity, both of the iPhone series are supported with 4G LTE in its connectivity. So, which one do you choose? That is all the information about iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s for you. Hope you like it.

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