Keep Your Body Fit When Fasting

The month of Ramadan or often called the month of fasting is one of the most awaited month of its presence by Muslims around the world, not least Indonesia. In that month, every Muslim must perform the command of Allah SWT to perform the obligatory fast for a whole month. Despite getting orders to observe fasting for a month, Muslims do not feel any objection and are very waiting for the month. Why? Because in this month every Muslim vying for worship in order to get double rewards.

Here’s How To Maintain Body Health to Stay Fit Fast One Month Full in The Month Of Ramadan

Fasting for a whole month is not an easy thing to do if you are not able to maintain a healthy state of the body. Therefore, do the following things to stay fit in Ramadan:

  1. Set the time of dawn with a time not far from the dawn in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet so that the body has enough time to burn food during the day
  2. Avoid bad habits of sleeping after eating the meal because the body will feel weak during the day.
  3. Rest and sleep enough and regularly so as to restore stamina.
  4. Eat enough water.
  5. Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar during dawn, because it causes the body to weaken during the day. However, when breaking the fast is better started with sweet foods such as a date palm.
  6. Choose foods and beverages that are nutritious for the meal and break the fast. Do not forget the consumption of fruits and vegetables and as much as possible avoid junk food.
  7. Exercise lightly, so as to maintain body fitness, blood circulation, and oxygen, and help the metabolism in the body.

That’s the way you can apply during Ramadan. By doing the 7 things above, then your body will still feel fit and fit despite being in a state of fasting. Remember, fasting should not be an excuse for laziness. So, move as usual and increase your worship in the month of fasting ya!

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