Do You Like Tillandsia Or Roses?

If you have two options to care the plant, what kind of plants you want to take? Tillandsia or Roses? The air plant or flower plant? Both are interesting to plant at home, but if you need to choose one, what kind of plant do you prefer? If you are doubt to choose one of them, you just have to know about their differences first. By knowing their differences, it will lead you to get the best plants you can care at home.

Tillandsia Vs Roses

If you are confused if you want to plant Tillandsia or roses, you just need to know about the differences between them. It will help you a lot to decide what kind of the best plants for your home. The differences are:

  • The air plant doesn’t have any thorns but as we know roses have them.
  • The air plant produces small babies or we can say it as pups from the mature one. You can put them in another container and grow them well. However, roses didn’t produce any pups. While the air plant is reproducing the pups, the roses are going to die.
  • Both are the symbol of love in the twenty-second century. However, many people prefer to get the air plant than the roses. Why? It is because the air plants can survive longer than roses.
  • While you are planting roses, you can’t go traveling for a long time or they will die. Meanwhile for the air plants, if you are going vacation for a week, you should not worry because they can survive for a week with no watering on it.

Those are the differences between Tillandsia and roses you should know. After you know it, you can realize how great the air plant is. You can start to plant them in your house and they need low maintenance from you.

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