Living a Healthy Life

Happy New Year! This year should be better than last year. In celebrating 2018, you need to make a new commitment regarding your health. Yes, you need to take care of your health better than before. For your information, healthy lifestyle is considered as a long-term commitment. We know that it’s hard to keep the commitment. But you need to know that living healthy is not a flash in the pan. If you just do it without commitment and discipline, it’s not a very wise thing. Don’t worry, we will help you to have a healthier day than yesterday. Here are our tips on living a healthy life.

Healthy Living Tips

Before knowing the real tips, we think it’s better for you to know your health status first. You need to make appointments with both doctor and dentist. Many people often skip this tip. However, knowing your health status is the very important thing to do. If there’s something wrong with your body, you can get treatment immediately before it’s too late.  You need to do check-up and immunizations if it’s necessary. You can also ask the doctor if you feel something wrong with your body. You need to measure your height and weight too. This will be the indicator whether you are overweight or not.

Evaluate your daily activity. You need to check how much physical activity that you always do for a week and check how intense it is. WHO recommend us, the adults, to get at least 2,5 hours of exercise per week. You already the benefits of exercise regularly. So, don’t skip this tip. Last but not least, write down every food and drink every day. Why do you need to keep a food diary? With this diary, you will know how much you eat carbohydrate, protein, and fat as well. You will also know how much water you drink every day. This will be your food evaluation.

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