Lose Weight with Banana Diet

Health lifeHow to diet with bananas is one of the most effective types of diet you must try. Banana is one type of fruits that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Bananas are also known as food containing carbohydrates and minerals. Bananas contain energy values per 100 grams of 136 calories and are classified as instant energy providers or useful for immediate caloric needs. For that carbohydrate available on a banana is very great as an energy reserve, so often used as one element of food in the diet.

How to Get Healthy Weight with Banana Diet

Then, how should we do to practice diet with a banana? The first thing is that you need to eat as many bananas as possible. You can eat as many bananas as possible, but all you need to eat is an only banana. It means that banana will be the main menu for your diet. You can also add another type of fruits when you do the diet with banana. In this case, you can even add leafy greens to your diet. For instance, you can add it to your lunch or dinner meal. Then, you need to remember that the banana you must take is the ripe one, but not the one that has been processed into another food.

Additionally, when you are dieting with banana, you need to drink more water as well to balance your diet. It is reported that you are supposed to eat for more than three liters per day to make sure your health. Then, it is also recommended that you need to eat your dinner at least at seven pm. To make it works, you need to think about eliminating your intake of food which has excessive fat. The last, you must make sure that you keep your body moved. In this case, don’t forget to exercise daily.

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