Maintain your Body with the Right Food

Health care

Health careDiet becomes the most important thing in ensuring a healthy life. Why did it happen? A healthy life is supported with the right diet. Improper diet will cause various bodily diseases. Starting from minor ailments such as diarrhea to chronic diseases such as ulcers to typhoid or heart disease. Some people argue that keeping the diet is too much. It should not be a negative thing because keeping the diet or diet is aimed to produce an ideal body, healthy and fresh.

Tips on Starting the Right Diet

Many people start their diets with the way that is should not be done. Well, to make sure you got the right diet, here are some tips for starting the right diet:

  1. Do not get used to breakfast with excessive carbohydrates

In the morning most of us, especially Indonesian people often consume excessive carbohydrates, especially at breakfast. Some people interpret that a lot of carbohydrates at breakfast will produce a lot of energy in the daytime. In fact, it actually makes carbohydrates accumulate in the stomach. so cause drowsiness in the morning. So it can be concluded that it is best for the portion of breakfast using carbohydrates from fruits such as bananas so easily digested and does not cause precipitation in the stomach.

  1. Consuming fruits every day

Fruits become the main thing in supporting the freshness and health of the body. It because the content in the complex fruits and natural nutrients the body needs does not cause toxins as long as the fruits are not contaminated. Even one of the doctors said, “the best medicine for a patient is fruits”. Fruits must be there daily to support the supply of vitamins and keep the body fresh.

  1. Stop consuming carbohydrate after 06.00 p.m.

Some people said it looks so bad when we can’t eat after 06.00 p.m. It because of the later a night a person has for dinner, the more substances that will settle in the body while sleeping. We recommend that someone eat five hours before bed to help good digestion. If a person has been accustomed to eating over 6 o’clock, the food consumed is not from carbohydrates, only vegetables, and fruits.

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