Make Frozen Milkfish In Industrial Scale

Indonesia is one of the largest maritime countries in the world is definitely in the sea there are various types of fish. One of the fish we will discuss here is the milkfish. In Indonesia, the supply of milkfish is mainly spread in 4 dominant areas namely Tarakan, Makassar, Juana and the island of Java. From those four sources, milkfish from Tarakan which is the most commonly searched by distribution companies, dealer agencies and buyers. This is because the fish from Tarakan fish has some advantages such as meat is tastier, the texture of the meat more densely chewy and also does not smell the mud. Because of the many enthusiasts, this milkfish usually used as frozen milkfish are available in large supermarkets.

The Process Of Distributing Frozen Milkfish Derived From Tarakan

In Tarakan, north Borneo, there are several well-known frozen milkfish providers. Where this company operates with cold storage facility for the milkfish farmers who bring the harvest. In this cold storage milkfish is done some special treatments such as napkins from washing by using clean water, sizing, sorting, weighing, freezing and up to the packaging using cartons then the next is the distribution into all regions, both local and foreign areas.

The process of distribution of this type of frozen milkfish among the first is ordering milkfish in the cold storage with the number of tonnage and the desired size, where the price will also adjust. Next is to do quality control, especially for the quality of fish and scales. After that only frozen of milkfish is distributed by using a reefer container which is a cooling container that has a temperature minus 20 degrees Celsius. So fresh milkfish is ready to be sold to various companies that have already ordered before. Usually within 10 days will spend or sold milkfish reach 2 containers. Those are some ways that we can make guidance in the distribution of fish that have high quality.

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