PMS Causes and Effects

When PMS, the emotions of women tend to be unstable which in the end he easily irritated without cause. This was not for no reason, because when PMS, the hormone estrogen and progesterone relatively unstable. This greatly affects the mood of women. In this case, the support of the couple is very important to understand each other. In addition to the support of the couple, the following tips are believed to overcome the angry and sudden emotions of women, so you men can understand and understand this kind of thing every month.

How to Relieve PMS Women’s Anger

When menstruating, pay attention to the food and drinks you consume. Consuming alcohol, cigarettes, and foods that contain caffeine will make your anger higher because this can trigger hormone reactions in the brain. Try to consume more fruits and green vegetables to get enough nutrition. Do not over-work your hours. The overworked body in doing the work will become unstable and stressful. Get enough rest to keep your body fit throughout the day, so it does not trigger your anger. Avoid activities that can trigger your emotions. One of the things you can do is with sports, yoga or meditation. These activities will make your body relax and not tense. Regulated breathing exercise will make you more relaxed in response to the trigger emotions that come from outside. When your anger is unbearable, make friends immediately to chat with so you can forget what makes you angry. Chat with friends will reduce the pressure and depression that arise during menstruation. Rest your body with a regular sleep pattern. Adequate sleep will make your brain become more relaxed so it is not easily triggered by anger.

Such tips are believed to reduce or prevent the onset of emotion in women when they are menstruating or PMS. By regulating emotions, we also take care of mental health mentally.

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