Product Review Site for Indonesian Consumer

http://thereviewsbox.comIf you are an active internet user then you will find many product review site one of them is the Trip Advisor site, now has come to a similar site named HomeTesterClub. On this site, you can get information about the review of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products or products used in everyday life that can be purchased at minimarkets or supermarkets.

This Is the Explanation of the Indonesian Consumer Product Reviews Site

This product review site actually invites consumers who often buy products in supermarkets to become reviewers who can provide reviews of FMCG products both in terms of materials, usability, and also the quality of these products. By joining this community of reviewers, members who have filled in the profile will have the opportunity to try out the products for free. The main purpose of this website is so that consumers can see the products and decide if suitable to use or not, before buying the product. Home Tester Club itself is a global company that has expanded to more than 37 countries. Even though has just been active for a few months now and has not been officially launched yet, it’s getting a lot of reviews and forming a community of reviewers. In the future, there will be more interesting free products that will be tried and reviewed on the site. Core target consumers HomeTesterClub is a Savvy and Smart shopper, and not just for housewives who access this site and can enjoy the opportunity to get the product for free. Savvy and Smart shopper is usually the usual review of products that can be consumed and used.

So those are some explanations about product review site for costumer Indonesia is now getting famous. Although some sites can also be used as a source in analyzing a product. You can also get product reviews from various other media that can make it easier for you.

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