Read The Tag For Rayon’s Washing Guide

If you are buying the new rayon product, it will be better if you read the tag or label carefully. Why? It will guide you to care the product in the best way and you will keep this product for a longer time. You also can avoid from does rayon shrink too.

Each Fabric Has Different Ways To Wash

Even though you are buying rayon product, it doesn’t mean that you also can get the same care recommendation. Why? Perhaps, some of the products blend with another fabric material, so you can get different care recommendation. You should follow the care recommendation if you don’t want to get does rayon shrink. You may see different care recommendation, like:

  • If you see the label which mentions dry clean only, it means you get 100% rayon fiber.
  • You also can see the care recommendation like you can wash it with a hand in the cold water with the mild detergent on it. Then, you can drip dry in shade, it means you don’t need any sunshine for drying the product. The product is drily cleanable which means you can use the dryer to dry it as well. There is also caution “Do Not Bleach” to make you can\t break up the fiber.
  • You also can see another care recommendation like you are able to wash it in the warm rinse and you should do it using your hand or hand wash. You are able to iron this product in warm heat. Also, there are some cautions like don’t bleach and don’t tumble.

By following the care recommendation on your rayon product, it will help you a lot to keep the product in the same condition as before. If you would like to know further about this rayon fabric, you can visit us on which can provide more information related to fabric.

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