Risk Factors Of Hypertension

Health tipsIn this recent day actually, there are many diseases that must be aware of. One of them is hypertension which causes many people suffer from. Talking about this disease which is also called as high blood pressure, you may know that it happens when the blood pressure is higher than the normal one. It is also a growing problem worldwide since each year the number of the sufferers increased. It is caused by the modern lifestyle like eating fatty food and smoking adopted by people. Actually, there are many other things which can be the risk factor for this disease. What are they?

Some Risk Factors Of Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure

  1. Physical inactivity

People who are not active have a bigger chance to get high blood pressure. Why? It is because their metabolism is not as good as the active people and it causes many problems including hypertension.

  1. Fatty and salt-rich foods

For those who like to eat salt-rich foods or maybe fatty foods, now it is better for you to change the habit. Consuming too much that food actually, can give you a high risk of a high blood pressure.

  1. Alcohol and tobacco use.

After that alcohol and tobacco use come to be the next thing which can increase the risk of hypertension. It can be shown by people who usually drink alcohol and smoke will get this disease.

  1. Obesity

People with obesity also can be the next thing which will cause the condition of high blood pressure. It is because of the blood vessels will be narrowed because of fat.

  1. Age

We also know we that most people having older age cat this disease. According to the research, the prevalence of the disease is bigger in those who are over 60 years old.

Actually, there are many another risk factor which must be known such as race, size, sex, lifestyle, family history, and poorly managed stress.

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