Simple And Easy Street Taco Recipe

street taco recipe

street taco recipeStreet taco is one of lovely food that you can eat and of course, in one bite you can get many things and also sensation. So, if you want to eat this Mexican food but you too lazy to go outside of the house, you might like to know about the street taco recipe that you can use to make your own taco at the house, and with doing this, you will be able to make taco’s every day and of course you can always eat the tastiest food in the world. So, what kind of thing that you need before you start making a taco?

Street Taco Recipe Ingredients And Steps

Well, the first thing you need is knowing about the ingredients that use to make the taco itself, after that you need to know the step by step on how making the taco. Well, let’s talk about the ingredients first. The first thing that you need is chicken and remembers, the chicken must be the breast part because chicken breast contains lots of meat and of juicy. The next is, the guacamole, you need to prepare it 1 ½ and also 1 cup of chopped onion, and also cilantro and the most important is you need to prepare the corn tortillas. Well, that’s all the things that you need to make the taco with using the street taco recipe. Easy and simple and after you complete all the ingredients, you need to learn about the step in making the great taste of taco.

First, heat up the corn tortillas in the microwave you need to heat it up about three minutes not less or more. After that, you need to pick that up from the microwave and then you need to put the chicken chunk, guacamole and onion and the cilantro. Your taco is ready to eat and serve. If you like lime wedges, you can add some and also you can add some mayonnaise if you like. This is the easiest and simple street taco recipe that you can find right now.

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