How Start Smoked Catfish Business Supplier?

Catfish business is one of the promising businesses that can generate huge profits. one of the causes of smoked fish that much favored by the people of Indonesia. These smoked fish ingredients do have a distinctive taste and different from the processed fish in general. In addition, the price of smoked fish itself is also quite cheap so it is very fitting for among the people of Indonesia whose economy is still in the middle down. Although the price is cheap, the nutrients in smoked fish are still well preserved. Where fumigation techniques in processed catfish smoke are still maintaining the nutrient content in it.

Various Ways We Can Do For Smoked Catfish Supplier

For those of us who are interested to do business with catfish, smoke is not to worry, this is because in starting this business is not too much capital expenditure, capital used only a little. Moreover, supply catfish in Indonesia is quite easy and much to find. This, of course, will be one of the advantages for us who want to do business as a supplier in the processing of catfish this smoke. To be able to start this business there are several things that need to be prepared. The first is the fish that will be processed, actually, all types of fish can be processed into asp fish, but not all types of fish will produce a good taste when smoked. One of the delicious fish, if processed by fumigation, is catfish. If we want to process smoked fish, then make sure that the catfish is still in fresh condition and not made from preservatives.

The second thing to prepare is to prepare the smoked smokers. To start this catfish business, we also need to prepare a place to bloat the fish made in the room with bamboo rack and machine or tool to bloat the fish, we can choose how to bloat fish by using the machine or also can using traditional way. Both of these ways will surely have advantages and disadvantages of each. That’s the business-related thing as a smoked fish supplier. For more info please visit

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