Stay Healthy In Rainy Season

Health care

Health careIf you live in a tropical country like Indonesia, for instance, you may find only two kinds of seasons that are summer and rainy season. In rainy season itself, of course, people would face a various condition that can cause them get sick. Usually, some illness during this season are cold, flu, dengue, cholera, water infection and food infection. Being ill is something bad, so because of it, you need to keep healthy and to keep your body still health actually there are some things that you can do as follow.

Do These Things To Stay Healthy In Rainy Season

  1. Keep the rain gear

In order to keep your body still healthy, firstly you need to keep your rain gear whenever you go. Umbrella, jacket and waterproof shoes become the important rain gears that you should wear and bring when you do outside.

  1. Get vitamin C

As having been known that vitamin C has a function to maintain your immune system well. That is why to prevent a bad condition during the rainy season, don’t forget to consume supplement and food containing high vitamin C. By doing this it can help your body to drive away the virus faster.

  1. Shower after you caught in rain

After that, if you are caught in the rain, you should get a shower since it can protect your body from various infection. That is why for those who are usually don’t do shower after being caught in the rain, actually you do the wrong thing because you increase the possibility of getting an infection.

  1. Provide hot drinks

Yeah, in rainy season hot drinks are the best! That is why you should provide it and drink it after taking a bath for instance. By drinking hot water, your body can still warm and indeed can save the body from catching a cold or flu. You can just drink hot milk, chocolate or soup.

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