Taco Bell Event Rules You Need To Know

Do you know if taco bell having some nice event today? Well, if you are not known about it yet, we will tell you about this event from taco bell. The event called the tellthebell. It’s kind of a survey event from taco bell. What they offer for you if you joining and participate in the event? Well, there is $500 cash and also you can win the IPad for free. But, of course, you need to join and participate first before you can get what you want. Well, if you don’t have any idea about it, we will give some information for you and yes, this will be very helpful for you who want to participate in this event.

Rules From The Latest Taco Bell Event

In every event, games or quiz, there are rules that you need to understand first before you join and participate in the event or games. This is the very important foundation that you need to know. The rules on the tellthebell will be something that will help you open the bigger chance to get the prize that you looking for. But, of course, you need to know about what kind of rules that taco bell has on this survey event.

  1. You need to have a valid recent receipt from the latest transaction on the taco bell restaurant
  2. You also need to be an American citizen
  3. 18 years old or above
  4. You are not working on the taco bell
  5. The winner can’t win twice

Those are the rules that you need to know, and to win the game, you only need to participate in the survey and answer all the question on the survey form which is very easy and doesn’t forget, you also need to give your personal data to make the taco bell can be easier in reaching you out. So, that’s how you can participate and play in the tellthebell survey event.

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