Technology Sains in Depth View of Lenovo Legion Y720 Series

Review TechnologyGaming technology is recently going more and more advance like it is developing faster than light. This time, technology sains is trying to look in depth about one of the most advanced gaming notebooks of Lenovo. The series is named Lenovo Legion Y720 series. You can take any action by this amazing portable gaming laptop. This beast of gaming gadget can handle any games you want to play, even in the environment of virtual reality. As it is equipped with the high performance of the processor, graphics card, and Ultra High Definition display, you will be getting your best experience of gaming ever in your life.

Excellences of Lenovo Legion Y720: Technology Sains

The most basic technology sains is going to discuss is its processor. Equipped with Intel Core i7-7700HQ, the Lenovo Legion Y720 series will give you the most incredible gaming performance. With this powerful seventh generation of Intel processors, you can claim the entire battle arena you play. This Lenovo Legion Y720 series can be your ideal device as its capability of meeting the most demanding tasks such as gaming and mobile graphics like video and 3D rendering or graphic designs. Furthermore, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 is planted inside this gaming device. This NVidia Pascal powered a graphics card is able to deliver the performance up to 3 times of the previous generations. So, the Lenovo Legion Y720 series might allow you to enjoy any media you play up to 60 frames per second.

One of the most interesting points the technology sains noticed is that the Lenovo Legion Y720 series supports integrated Xbox One Wireless Control, which no other gaming notebooks have been equipped with.  The Lenovo Legion Y720 series also supports Virtual Reality technology as it unleashes the performance of its graphics card, and HDMI/USB 3.0, enabling you to step further into the reality of gaming environment as it is one of the gaming evolution.

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