Things That Can Cause Cancer

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Health tipsCancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in this world, and there are already countless of cancer’s death victim. Countless of victims and there are not many cancer survivors out there. Right now, there are no effective medicines or medication that can cure cancer completely. Although there is a therapy that can help cure cancer such as chemotherapy, it is not really effective to cure cancer. Scientists are still developing the possible cancer cure, but they are still working to create it. The worst thing about cancer is, when in an early stage, this disease had no traces or sign, until a later stage, the cancer sign and symptoms start showing, and it is already late to take an action. To prevent this disease, first, we need to know what cause cancer.

What Causes Cancer And What Action We Can Do To Help To Prevent Cancer?

Cancer can be caused by many things. DNA inheritance can also cause cancer, so if your parents have a cancer history, then you have a high chance to get cancer too. Meanwhile, external causes for cancer are many. The external causes are foods, habits, environment and much more. Junk foods can cause cancer if consumed too much. Junk foods such as chicken nugget and frozen foods can cause cancer cells to grow. Eating overcooked meat can also promote growth to cancer cells. Inside overcooked meats, there are chemical matters called benzopyrene. Benzopyrene is matters that can harm the environment and cause cancer cells to grow.

As for habit, there is one habit that can cause cancer if you do it too much. Smoking is one of the main causes of cancer. Inside cigarette’s smoke, there are also benzopyrene and many other dangerous chemical matters. To prevent cancer, what we can do is to avoid things that can cause cancer we already told you about, eat lot more fruits and veggies, especially fruits that had high anti-oxidants such as apple. Exercise daily, and don’t forget to always take a good night sleep.

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