Three Types of Healthcare Facilities You May Not Familiar With

Whenever we talk about healthcare facilities, most people will think about clinic or hospital. However, other than those two, there are still a lot of types of facilities within the industry of healthcare. We will give a brief information about some of them.

Healthcare Facilities Types

Here are the explanation of some healthcare facilities available in United States.

  • Blood banks: this type of healthcare facilities is a place for everyone who wish to donate platelets and blood to help others in needs. It also sorts and stores them into components, which can be most effectively used by patients. As an essential part of human life, unlike other types of needs that can be manufactured, blood can only be donated. Thus, having a facility that works to manage the supply to patients that need it is very important.
  • Birth centers: this healthcare facility is designed for childbirth. Based on American Association of Birth Centers, it mostly focuses on the model of midwifery. The purpose of this healthcare is to make a comfortable birth environment for the mothers and allow for a family-inclusive and cost-effective birth. It only accommodates healthy pregnancies because their facilities are not as advanced as a hospital.
  • Ambulatory surgical centers: this healthcare is also known as outpatient surgical facilities. It allows patients to have selected surgical procedures outside hospital environment. The cost of surgeries offered by this facility is often lower than hospital. They do not provide clinic hours or diagnostic services and take referred patients from a physician or hospital instead.

Those are several healthcare facilities that you can commonly find in United States. There are still other types of facilities available that you can choose based on your needs. Makes sure to read further regarding healthcare facilities to get the most suitable treatment for your condition.

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