How to Treat Dust Mite Allergy

Nowadays you often sneezing and coughing. Not only that, you also have a runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. It’s possible that all of those are an allergic reaction to dust mite bites. Dust mites are tiny bugs that can cause allergy. They can affect you in a long time since dust mites live in our bedding, carpet, sofas, and linens too.  You can treat them by taking medications. After that, you need to do something so they can populate more. These methods below can relive the allergy and symptoms.

Treatment for Allergic Reaction to Dust Mite Bites

The first easy thing that you can do to treat an allergic reaction to dust mite bites is chosen special bedding. Your medications would be nothing if dust mites still live in your bedding. Regarding with this issue, you need to take care of your bedding first. There are some fabrics which contain natural dust mire repellent such as wool. Wool can be used as your blanket and sheet during winter. Moreover, wool is a great fabric to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This fabric can trap warm air and it also able to pull moisture from our skin.

Mattress also need to be protected. Some mattresses are made of fabric that forbid dust mite to live and affect someone. Choose the fabric that has antimicrobial material. You will also need pillow protectors. Your bedding needs to be cleaned with hot water regularly, at least every week. You also have to steam your bed since high heat will kill dust mites and their eggs. There are many brands that provide portable cleaner to treat an allergic reaction to dust mite bites. Clean all the beds in your home every week. Wash other bedding and fabrics also necessary. So, every week you need to wash bed cover, blanket, towels, pillow cover, cushion, linen, etc.

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