Types Of Certification For Nurse Assistant

Certified nurses assistant is a better solution for people who want to take health career but still have a minimum education. For nurses who specialized in the certain area, you have to graduate from bachelor degree. However, to be nurse assistant just need to get training from the accredited training center. You need six to nine months of training days to be certified as a nurse assistant. After that, you will through a competency test as your final test in nurse training center. However, there are CNA 1 and CNA2 as nurse assistant certification. What does make them different?

CNA 1 And CNA 2 For Certified Nurses Assistant

For certified nurses assistant, there are two types of certification which are CNA 1 and CNA 2. What are they? The CNA 1 is a certification program which is proved by Oregon State Board of Nursing. Students who join this program should take 80 hours’ class time and lab time. Then, they also have to join in SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) for 75 hours. This SNF is a practical class with the real patient to increase students’ capability of caring the real patient. After the training class, the students have to do examination which is practical and written section. Once a student passes this examination, so they will get CNA 1.

Then, students also can continue their skill as nurse assistant by joining the CNA 2 certification. This program also can be called as an advanced program that will let students increase more potential and enhance their learning in order to reach career opportunities. As the important requirement, students who want to join this program have to have CNA 1 licensed. For this advance program, students should present within 60 hours of lab and classroom and 28 hours of clinical practicum. Then, to get advance certified nurses assistant, students have to do further examination.

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