Use Lime to Improve Your Health

Health life

Health lifeDo you like to have a lime as one of your favorite fruits? It must be good if you have loved this fruit before. It is safe to say that lime is one of the popular materials to make beverage because it can make our drink fresh. In addition, to create such fresh and delicious drink, we can also get benefits from having this fruit in our daily life. Have you known about the benefits of lime for our body and health? If you have not, let’s read this following information.

How Lime Can Improve Your Health Naturally

Let’s begin with its benefit to help us fighting infection. It is reported that 100gr of lime juice is able to fulfill 14% of our daily need for vitamin C. Then, lime is also rich in antioxidant that makes it a good remedy to improve our immune system to battle infection. For your information, the antioxidant is known to be able to battle cancer which is caused by free radical. Next, lime is also reported to function as anti-aging. It is also thanks to high vitamin C which is available in this fruit. In addition to the vitamin, the collagen also gives us a good benefit.

Furthermore, we should not forget that the available compound in lime also makes a good impression to help us dealing with type 2 diabetes. Similar to other fruits which offer high fiber, lime is also a good fruit for type 2 diabetes because of its fiber. In this case, it is helpful to reduce the risk of sugar blood in our body. Then, you must know that lime is also able to fight cardiovascular diseases. It is able to do so because it can reduce inflammation in our artery. That’s all some benefits of lime for our health.

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