All About Victor Mouse Trap

Mouse in the house maybe can be categorized as pest since they can damage your clothes, books and many more. Because of it in this recent days, there are many innovations of mouse trap that you can choose. It is starting from conventional trap up to the electrical one. However, in this article, we will discuss more Victor mouse trap. So, just read the following explanation.

Using Victor Mouse Trap

What do you know about Victor mouse trap? It is actually one of the conventional mouse trap since it doesn’t need to add the electricity or others. Then for those who choose this kind of mouse trap is better to know how to use it and the step is below.

  1. Lift bait cover

For the first one is that you need to lift the bait cover of this vector trap. Be careful in lifting the cover since it can harm you if you are not careful.

  1. Putting peanut butter or cheese

After that, you can put peanut butter or cheese in the trap. By putting this food there are many mouse’s which will be attracted and then can be trapped easily. If you don’t have that food, you can use chocolate or hazelnut too.

  1. Lift red handle

There will be a red handle on the trap and you should lift it until it clicks. Making sure that it has been locked into place in order that the trap can work well.

  1. Place the trap

For the last thing, you should do is putting the trap in the area which you think that it has been many mouse’s. For instance, is in the kitchen that becomes the favorite place for them.

Therefore, those are all the ways you should do when you use Victor mouse trap to catch the mouse. If you are interested in buying this trap you can just visit to read more information about it.

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